If You’re Nuts about Coconuts

You’ll love this little drinks and dessert place called “all coco“. It’s located in the Union Market at The District at Tustin. Everything is made of coconut or contains coconut. The customer service is very generous with giving out samples. I tried the coconut water, the soft serve and the coconut waffle, and enjoyed itContinue reading “If You’re Nuts about Coconuts”

Bionico – not just for the Bionic Man or Woman

Bionico is a Mexican dessert that I actually eat for lunch and not for dessert.  I get mine from a little hole-in-the-wall place called Bionicos Zapopan and because it’s so packed with fruit and cottage cheese, it’s filling enough as a meal.  The Hawaiian salad consists of tropical fruits like papaya and jicama(?) but IContinue reading “Bionico – not just for the Bionic Man or Woman”