If You’re Nuts about Coconuts

You’ll love this little drinks and dessert place called “all coco“. It’s located in the Union Market at The District at Tustin. Everything is made of coconut or contains coconut. The customer service is very generous with giving out samples. I tried the coconut water, the soft serve and the coconut waffle, and enjoyed itContinue reading “If You’re Nuts about Coconuts”

Hello Kitty Cafe

The Hello Kitty Cafe is a popup cafe made out of a storage container, located at Irvine Spectrum.  It’s cute and a novel idea.  Business is not that bustling on the days we pass by there.  A sugar cookie costs $4.  It may not last…but I hope it does…I need some place I can take myContinue reading “Hello Kitty Cafe”

Holsteins – Where Cows Pee Milk and the Steak Salad is Delicious

OK, so the cows don’t pee milk but there is a big painting at Holsteins of a cow peeing milk.  As a matter of fact, a few of the paintings were eye-catching images of cows misbehaving, such as a cow hiding a baseball bat behind him while a bruised and bandaged chicken stands in frontContinue reading “Holsteins – Where Cows Pee Milk and the Steak Salad is Delicious”