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Pop Culture – and the Eggsciting Gudetama

I had to blog about this because I can’t seem to eggscape this egg.  It’s Gudetama, a popular creation of Hello Kitty’s corporation, Sanrio.  Either I frequent too many Japanese or Asian markets, or this character has embedded itself into American culture, but everywhere I go, there is a Gudetama, an egg who is aContinue reading “Pop Culture – and the Eggsciting Gudetama”

Shopping at Tokyo Central for Thanksgiving

I hadn’t been into Tokyo Central since it changed names, and perhaps ownership, from when it was Marukai (although the membership card has both names on it, with membership costing only $1 for eternity).  I don’t know why, maybe I just thought since it’s no longer Marukai, it’s not good anymore.  Boy, was I wrong!Continue reading “Shopping at Tokyo Central for Thanksgiving”