Hurray for Hollywood

Audrey and I decided to spend a day as tourists in Hollywood and went to Hollywood Boulevard and the Hollywood Museum one Saturday a few months back. It’s always a crowded and bizarre place to be, with lots of energy and crazy sights, and not to be missed if you’re visiting from out of town.

Hollywood Blvd. is a mix of old tourist shops that has been there for years, alongside the newer stores and the mall at Hollywood and Highland. The best place to park is at Hollywood and Highland, in the underground lot to the mall. From the street level of the mall, you are within walking distance to many places such as the Hollywood Wax Museum, the Hollywood Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, the famous Roosevelt Hotel, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and El Capitan Theater. Some of these deserve their own posting one day, but for now, I’ve included photos of the general area and the places we had time to visit in one day. Just get out there and wander along the boulevard, it’s hard to miss the sights!

If you’re a junky for souvenirs, there are plenty of stores with lots of items in an affordable price range. Make your mom happy and buy her an Oscar for “Best Mom”.

Did I say “bizarre”?  That baby is a bit bizarre and looks like he should have his own horror movie.

Ahh, yes, we love Trump and his beautiful hair.

The exterior of the mall is quite grand, but it’s too bad the shops are all franchise names and not unique boutiques.

Matching hair and balloons…

Everyone needs a picture of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, or should I say, TCL Chinese Theater.

Many famous people have been to the Roosevelt Hotel.

I thought Chewbacca captured the essence of Hollywood Blvd. perfectly.  The guy was actually looking down at a cell phone and had flipped his mask up, but it looked like he was leaning back and sleeping on the job when I first saw him.  Well, maybe he’s not sleeping on the job, but he’s SITTING on the job!

El Capitan has many memories for me.  We took Audrey to a number of popular releases here, where they have pre-show entertainment, movie displays, and sometimes a 4-D experience during the show.

We paid about $25/person to go into the Hollywood museum, and frankly, it was a bit smaller than I had expected.  (Correction: I looked it up and the price is $15/per person or cheaper.) However, the basement made up for the cost, as that was where we were really scared by the display and actually, I had a really hard time convincing Audrey to pass the Jason (Friday the 13th) mannequin.  She thought he looked so real that perhaps someone was inside waiting to grab you for a scare.


Fun, totally bizarre, unique, interesting, and always the ultimate tourist spot in Hollywood for locals and visitors alike.

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